March 26, 2018

Google - Eddie C.

I have been renting from VPM for a few years now and have NEVER had ANY issues!!!! Staff is always so nice and very respectful of my needs. I would definitely recommend VPM to friends and family!!!!   P.S. Hannah is the best!!!!

February 15, 2018

Google - Ajit A.

VPM is a solid property management company with years of experience in their designated service area. We own two properties within their service area and VPM has served as our property manager for these two properties for the last 3 years. VPM has helped us secure high-quality tenants, avoid troublesome tenants, keep our assets in good working order. They have an airtight landlord-tenant agreement as well as a strong property manager agreement. We like their clear agreements because there are less issues down the road. VPM also has a good understanding of their rental market and they make a great effort to making sure our properties are quickly leased with good tenants that can pay the rent on time. As a real estate investor, property management is ESSENTIAL to the success of the investment and we value VPM for their work. We also appreciate that VPM has a lower than industry standard management fee of 8% monthly and 80% of first month procurement. If you are looking for a no-nonsense property manager, we would recommend VPM and we look forward to continuing to do business with them.

October 16, 2017

John M.

We thank everyone at VPM for providing excellent service, ensuring that the property was leased to outstanding tenants, and that it was well maintained for the past 3 years.

August 18, 2017

Jose L.

Thank you very much. You guys made it easy for me to have a rental property while in the military. The only reason I kept it so long was because you guys were managing it and I had no worries. Again, thank you very much for everything!

July 7, 2017

Google - LaVerne T.

VPM is an awesome property management company. They catered to my needs in regards to the property that I'm currently renting. Hannah, has been truly a blessing to my boys and I. Great customer service and always very professional!

June 22, 2017

Google - Kevin S.

We have been using VPM going on two years while we are overseas.  It has worked out fine. Managing my property remotely would certainly interfere with my work overseas.  When renters out there become owners, you may want to have a company like VPM.  I looked at some real estate agents but soon found that many set their priorities according to the ups and downs of the housing market, thus managing a property could become a low priority anytime.  I have not had that with VPM.

June 16, 2017

Google - David S.

VPM has managed my property for about 2 years. They do a good job of finding qualified tenants, ensuring the property is appropriately maintained, and responding to tenant issues. Occasionally I have to prod VPM to keep me better informed, but overall I give them 4 stars and expect to continue using their services as long as I have a home to rent in their area.

May 20, 2017

Google - LaTanya J.

I have nothing but great things to say about VPM! I just renewed my lease for another year. They respond in a very timely fashion when I contact them. I have never had to call a second time about any issues that I have on the property. The staff members are very nice and attentive, especially Hannah! Renewing my lease was very smooth. I am very thankful and pleased with my experience with VPM! Please continue to keep up the great work that you are doing!!

May 17, 2017

Google - Jacqueline B.

I'm a tenant.. and I went through numerous agents that were rude and judge me based on the fact that I was a single black mother. I have great income, credit and work for the government. My agent found me a property in Laurel that my kids and I adore. Our transaction was great, Hannah was very thorough in explaining everything to me back in April of 2016. I just renewed my lease,and I must say that I am happy I did. Thanks ladies for making this a great experience after dealing so many rude agents prior to renting from you all.

May 16, 2017

Google - Caroline D.

I am a tenant, not the home owner. They really helped me thru the whole process, and they were able to negotiate for me to keep my dog, with the owner of the house. House is beautiful. The staff at VPM is young and dedicated and will work with you whatever the situation is. Will highly recommend.

Apr 30, 2017

Google - Randy

100% the right choice. Hired Vantage after losing thousands operating my property poorly, leasing to under qualified tenants, etc. Vantage had my place rented within 45 days to a highly, highly qualified individual. It has been 100% hassle free and easy for the past 3 years including through HVAC replacement, appliance replacement, lease renewals, etc. AWESOME.

March 25, 2017.

Yelp - Donna F.

What a great company to work with!  I have been with VPM for 9 years and they completely take the hassle of renting a property out of my hands yet they remain in contact when necessary.  I highly recommend this company to take rental burdens off of the home owner.  Also, the ease of the "owner portal" makes documentation a breeze; especially around tax time.

March 21, 2017

Google. - Shay

My husband Martin and I recently rented a property from VPM out of Bowie MD.  The staff (Hannah, Selena) are true Gems.  With the many questions my husband I had, these ladies were very patient and gave us their undivided attention through out our whole process.  EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE INDEED!  Thanks VPM.

March 7, 2017

Google - Rita M.

After years of managing my own rental property, I contracted with Vantage Property Management to handle it. What a relief! It made my life so much easier, they found me a great tenant and handled any questions or problems encountered with the unit. When I needed to speak with them, they returned calls promptly and were knowledgeable and courteous. I wish I had turned the management over to them years ago and saved my self a lot of headaches. Thank you Sue, Jim and Hannah!

Feb. 26, 2017

Google - Jessica H.

VPM has taken care of our property for 4 years now, and have done a wonderful job of maintaining the house and ensuring we have responsible tenants. When I had an overseas assignment for the military seven years ago, I discussed my options with my realtor and there was no way I could sell my house. He recommended Vantage to me. I have used Vantage for the past seven years, and have been extremely happy.  I never wonder what the condition of my property is, they take very good care of the tenants, and Jim provides very valuable advice when it's needed. Susan is able to find reliable tenants quickly, and gives excellent recommendations on rental rates. Vantage has earned my trust and I highly recommend them.


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